Blade 20: The Fight Scenes That Proved Snipes Was Ahead Of His Time

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most expansive, connected phenomenon in American movie history, with billions in gate receipts to attest to its overwhelming success. However, Marvel Comic book characters were late in getting some of their heavy hitters on the big screen with success. Their competitors at DC had four relatively big-budget Superman movies in the 70s and 80s and even a Supergirl spinoff. 

Meanwhile, Marvel was limited to Saturday Morning cartoons for most of that span with Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends on NBC in 1981. I even enjoyed the campy Incredible Hulk series starring Bill Bixby, but the Spider-Man and Daredevil TV movies definitely go into the basura bin.  

Howard the Duck gets cult-classic love, but it was laughable. In the immortal words of Marshawn Lynch, I needed that action, boss. I wanted more. And as someone who has been team Marvel since 79, I was ecstatic when Blade hit theaters on August 21, 1998.

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At the time, Wesley Snipes was at the zenith of his career, and his crossover audience appeal was through the port cloud at the edge of the known solar system.

The Day Walker was up against Frost as he attempted a ruthless rise as a street-level leader to become the ultimate vampire. As a Dhampir, or half human and half vampire, Blade has all of the strengths of vampires but none of the weaknesses, making him the perfect person to hunt them down and kill them. 

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The all-star cast featured a diverse cast and co-starred N’Bushe Wright, Kris Kristofferson, Stephen Dorff and directed by Stephen Norrington. Blade made a then-unprecedented $141 million worldwide and was the catalyst for two other Blade films.  

Out of respect and homage for the franchise that showed Marvel how much the world hungered for an MCU offering, here are some scenes that proved Blade’s fight choreography were lightyears ahead the time.

1. Blade Vs. Deacon

Blade Vs Deacon Frost Sword Fight Scene

NO INTENT TO INFRINGE COPYRIGHT! Now I am uploading rare Film clips with tasteful content or technique used. Here is the final fight scene from Stephen Norrington’s Blade (1998). Its where Blade finally encounters the villain vampire Deacon Frost with both characters wielding swords. The fight Choreography is superb!

2. The Vampire Archive

Blade I Vampire Archive Fight Scene(Cut) (1998)

A half-vampire, half-mortal man becomes a protector of the mortal race, while slaying evil vampires. Blade I Vampire Archive Fight Scene(Cut) (1998) SUBSCRIBE To Filmzone Tv for More Movie Moments

3. Blade Clear Out The Vampire Blood Rave 

Blade fight scene- Wesley Snipes (1998)

Another film from my fav. actor Wesley Snipes who plays half human/ half vampire hero named Blade!

Blade (1/3) Movie CLIP – Vampire Killer (1998) HD

Blade movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don’t miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: Inside the vampire club, Quinn (Donal Logue) starts a fight and demands that Blade (Wesley Snipes) be hurt badly. FILM DESCRIPTION: British director Stephen Norrington helmed this David S.

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