Black Quarterback Chronicles Week 5| These Signal Callers Are Representing For The Culture

This week we decided to feature Black quarterbacks who are having success and aren’t named Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson, because those QBs are the elite brothers balling in the game and always dominate the headlines. 

Justin Fields: Managing The Game

Chicago Bears rookie Justin Fields orchestrated his second win in a row and his first signature win against a stout Las Vegas Raiders team on Sunday. Fields has recovered from a tough debut start to string together two gutsy performances and help the Chicago Bears improve to 3-2 and stay within a game of the Green Bay Packers.

Fields managed the 20-9 win like a veteran and didn’t have to do too much as defensive star Khalil Mack led the way with seven tackles and a sack to win the battle against his former team.

Fields kind of reminds you of a young Russell Wilson. Back when Wilson’s job was to keep the offense steady and try not to do too much. We know what kind of elite passer Wilson elevated into, so the trajectory for Fields looks all the way up. 

The rookie out of Ohio State was 12-for-20 for 111 yards and no picks. The Raiders defense continuously hit and harrassed Fields, often twisting him into a pretzel on quarterback runs.

The rookie, who looked visibly shaken in throwing for just 68 yards in a Sept. 26 loss to the Browns, has quickly adapted to the NFL game.

Head coach Matt Nagy has adjusted the offense and maximed Fields’ abilities after being criticized for the way he utilized Fields in the rookie’s first start. Fields is gaining maturity and game experience each week. 

That process hasn’t been the smoothest, but the Bears are finding out that Fields could be the franchise quarterback they’ve been longing for. He’s tough, gritty, unflappable, and you get the feeling he hasn’t scratched the surface of his potential.

It’s clear that Fields inspires his teammates as well. They want to play for him, and it shows on both sides of the ball. 

Kyler Murray: The Diminutive Dynamo Remains Undefeated, MVP Favorite 

Kyler Murray remains the only undefeated quarterback in the NFL, improving to 5-0 with a tough 17-10 win over the desperate San Francisco 49ers. Kliff Klingsbury’s “Air Murray” took a back seat to Vance Joseph’s smothering defense, which bruised, battered and pressured 49ers rookie Trey Lance all afternoon.

Lance looked outmatched at times, missing the target on some key completions late in the game. Murray was averaging 318 passing yards per game, but only needed 239 to get it done on Sunday.

Teddy Bridgewater: Steel Chin  

Teddy Bridgewater gets the tough guy award for this week. He returned from last week’s concussion to throw for 288 yards and two TDs in a loss to Pittsburgh. 

Jameis Winston: General Salute 

Jameis Winston keeps silencing the haters with high-wire acts, remarkable throws and wins. If you had told Saints fans that after Week 5 Winston would be third in the NFL in TD passes behind Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, they would not have believed it.

If you had told them he would have less interceptions than Mahomes and just one more than Brady they’d probably check you into a clinic for a mental evaluation. Winston has become the face of Whoo Dat Nation and has the team at 3-2.

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