Black Panther World Premiere A Celebration Of Adrenaline And Melanin

The Black Panther purple carpet has been all the rage on social media overnight, and well into the morning. Photos of the films principle actors, as well as celebrity well-wishers and supporters, littered the digital ether. But the visuals being celebrated the most are on the big screen. Unfortunately, etiquette prevents us from dropping any spoilers just yet. However, we can show you what the inter-webs were chirping about.

tob akingbad on Twitter

I mean look at them all wearing their traditional African clothes that we used to get bullied for at school on the red (purple) carpet for a World Premiere #BlackPanther

Royalty was abound, not simply because the film portrays the Marvel version of African royalty, but the melanin inspired adrenaline was about so much more. Images of happy, celebratory individuals eager to view a movie with a predominantly black cast, that takes place in the technologically advanced kingdom of Wakanda on the continent of Africa, is a site unseen in all of American movie making.

On February 16, the world will descend upon movie theaters and viewing parlors to see what many hope will herald a new era of black leads in science fiction and comic book offerings – leads that are strong, uncompromising, flawed but resilient, and also very, very fly.

Dionne Grant on Twitter

Daniel Kaluuya: ‘Look at the shoes. BAM! My aunty creamed my feet in the car’ #BlackPanther

Black Panther stars Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Daniel Kaluuya, and a galaxy of black stars. It’s more than a movie, less than an earth-shattering event. But, still, it’s cooler than you could possibly comprehend. 

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