Black History Month In Focus: Myron Rolle’s True Destiny Manifests

This is part of The Shadow League’s Black History Month In Focus series celebrating Black excellence in sports and culture.

The dumb jock stereotype has been antiquated for quite sometime. However, it is a stereotype that we all love, and many of us have even aspired to, in our youth. And there are still many horror stories of players who attend universities with NFL dreams and no intention of actually feeding their brains.  As well as coaches at universities who discourage their top athletes from taking on real deal, time-consuming academic loads.

Former NFL player Myron Rolle has been busting up stereotypes for a long time now, first doing so when he was awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship as a student at football powerhouse Florida State and delayed entering the NFL for a year to study abroad at Oxford.

Despite being the No. 1 ranked high school football player in the country, Rolle, of Bahamian descent, equally recognized the medical profession as a viable life option. He played and won at the highest levels in college.

Now, five years after playing in his last professional football game, and four years after announcing he was leaving the game to pursue his studies, Rolle is still being more awesome than his 4.5 speed in the 40-yard dash could have possibly foretold. The 30-year-old Rolle has a doctorate in nuerosurgery from Florida University College of Medicine. He’s also the chairman of the Myron L. Rolle Foundation, which serves people from areas that are disadvantaged in health, wellness, and education In the United States and globally.