Big3: Brandon Rush’s Crossover Leaves Ricky Davis On The Floor

If you compare their NBA careers, Ricky Davis had a far better one than Brandon Rush. 

In 16 NBA seasons, Davis averaged more than 19 points per game four times and was considered a lethal scorer. Rush averaged just under seven points per game in nine NBA seasons. 

Last night, however, Rush got the best of Davis when he crossed Ricky out his sneakers en route to hitting a game-winning 3-pointer in BIG3 action. 

The shot gave Rush’s Aliens team a 51-35 win over Coach George “Iceman” Gervin’s Ghost Ballers. 

Rush’s crossover was classic. When you google recent  “ankle-breakers”, a picture of what Rush did to Davis should surely appear in the Top 10. And if it doesn’t it should. 

He not only made Davis appear as if he was the victim of a drive-by shooting (or maybe Davis was practicing for the Jamaican bobsled team?), but Rush called “Game” as he released the shot. 

Then again, it also looks as if Davis could have installed a new pool at his crib and was practicing the backstroke. 

Let’s take another look.

If Davis was in his prime, maybe he would have been prepared for Rush’s crossover. But at age 34, Rush, who plays alongside former NBA-ers in Greg Oden, Shannon Brown and Andre Owens in the three-on-three league founded by rapper and actor Ice Cube, has a definite advantage and he used it last night to put Davis on a permanent video poster. 

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