Big Baby Davis Desires An NBA Do Over

Glen Big Baby Davis hasn’t played in the NBA for two years, but hes now working on making a comeback at the age of 31.  After being selected out of Louisiana State University with the 36th pick of the 2007 NBA draft, he averaged a respectable eight points and four rebounds over an eight-year career, the highlight of which was being a contributing role player off the bench for the championship winning 2008 Boston Celtics.     

The fire to play again evidently still burns within, so Davis wants to give his NBA career another shot.  

Glen Davis Career High 33 Pts at 76ers 2013.12.03

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Davis is attempting to make a comeback via the G-League, the NBAs minor league system. 

Salaries akin that of a bodega fry cook, traveling accommodations that arent very accommodating, and cramped buses that smell of feet arent something an individual who has tasted the champagne life of an NBA champion would normally bother with.  But Davis feel he has a lot left in the tank and is looking to prove it.

 I want to play. Thats my next step, Davis said. Whatever I have to do to show I can play the game at a high level still and help a team win, I will do. I know its going to be a process because I havent played in two years. But I feel like Im at the prime in my game and I still have a lot to offer.

I am considering the G League. Its a great opportunity to show all 30 teams that I can play without getting hurt. They can see what I can still do. This is the best opportunity to make my steps back to the NBA.

Davis recorded his best season averages as a member of the Orlando Magic in 2012-13, averaging career highs of 15.1 points and 7.2 rebounds.   He was virtually forced to retire in 2015 after a season with the Los Angeles Clippers in which complications from ankle and foot surgeries caused him to take an extended hiatus that was initially supposed to be only a few months.  

Now, Davis says hes completely healthy and will do whatever it takes to prove his worth. Read the entire interview here

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