Beyoncé Drops Surprise Video “Formation” A Day Prior To Super Bowl 50

The rumor was that Beyonc was rehearsing some new music to debut during her halftime performance at Super Bowl 50. Today, she surprised the world by dropping a new single and it’s accompanying video. It’s called “Formation”, check it out.

Like she says in the song, she’s “Got hot sauce in her bag swag, baby!” Stylishly set in New Orleans, the visual aesthetics are nothing less than stunning. Looks like more eyes will be on Beyonc’s halftime sylistics, where she’s scheduled to appear with Bruno Mars and Coldplay, than the actual game between the Panthers and the Broncos.

If you thought Cam Newton and Peyton Manning were the biggest names in Super Bowl 50, well, another name just went up on the marquee. 

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