Bartender, Monta Ellis Will Have A Shot of Everything

Monta Ellis has self-control issues on the basketball court. He's never seen a shot he doesn't like and because of that he couldn't co-exist with Steph Curry or Brandon Jennings. Now he's paired with Dirk Nowitzki. Maybe the third time's the charm?

On Monday's Media Day, he inadvertently branded his courageous stand against fundamental team basketball as Monta-ball. Anyways, just like the the Broncos running back whom his style of play is seemingly named after, Monta Ball doesn't pass. He just lowers his shoulders, waits for defenders to arrive and looks to score.

Did he just use the "lots of people do it, so why change?" argument to justify his aversion to taking good shots? Can you imagine if a defendant tried that in a court of law?

"Your honor there were over 10,000 murders in the United States last year. What's one more criminal in the streets, but a single germ in an infested rathole? What do ya say we give the taxpayers a break, avoid an ugly trial and give me a mulligan?"

Twitter had fun with it as well.

It won't be as fun to watch for Mavs fans this season. Congrats, no Dwight Howard, but you're about to witness the grotesque sight of Monta-ball in 3-D.