Baltimore Will Be The New Home For The CIAA Basketball Tourney

After 13 years in Charlotte, the CIAA tournament is officially relocating.

The CIAA has just announced that Baltimore will now be the official home of the  2021-2023 Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournament.

The city beats out Charlotte, NC, and Norfolk, VA who were among the finalists.

In a statement CIAA Commissioner, Jacqie McWilliams said:

“This is an exciting time for the CIAA as we have an opportunity to bring the basketball tournament to a new market, moving it closer to many of our northern institutions who have traveled to Charlotte for more than a decade. We are incredibly thankful for our partnership between the CIAA, the City of Charlotte and the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA).”


The selection of Baltimore marks the first new location for the CIAA Basketball Tournament since 2005. This is the second time the city has hosted since 1952. Charlotte previously hosted the tournament for the past 13 years. The tournament will remain in Charlotte for the 2019 and 2020 season.

It was Baltimore’s vision of how CIAA basketball could be woven into the fabric of the city that made this location stand out from the rest. And most importantly their commitment to providing scholarships for the CIAA institutions and overall support of the hotel and business communities.

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