Award Winning, Eternal Ride Or Die, Taraji P. Henson Turns 48

    Taraji P. Henson turns 48. Whether you were introduced to her as Yvette in Baby Boy or Cookie Lion on FOX’s hit show Empire, one thing we all can agree on, Henson is a trailblazer of black girl magic in the entertainment industry and makes her presence known with every role she takes on.

    From running a music empire to sending astronauts into space, Taraji has played it all. So in honor of Taraji’s birthday the Shadow League looks back at some of our favorite Taraji roles.

    Terri Granger in No Good Deed

    Taraji plays Terri Granger, a naive woman who lets a persuasive stranger in her home to use her phone and quickly regrets and learns the famous saying no good deed goes unpunished. However, non of that stops her from protecting those closest to her.  

    Mary Goodwin in Proud Mary

    Taraji plays Mary Goodwin, an assassin who tries to right her wrongs and protect a young teenage boy after a hit job goes wrong. This movie taps into Tarajis natural skill of being a badass and a nurturer.

    Shug in Hustle & Flow 

    In this film, Henson plays the ride or die pregnant prostitute who stands by her man through thick and thin even if that means stepping out of her comfort zone to sing the hooks on tracks such as Whoop That Trick and Its Hard Out Here for a Pimp.

    Katherine Goble Johnson in Hidden Figures

    Taraji stepped away from being the traditional hardcore badass that shes known for to portray a different type of badass, NASA mathematician Katherine Goble Johnson.

    Cookie in Empire

    Probably one of her more famous roles. Henson plays Cookie Lion, the no-shit-taking, slick mouth, yet tough loving mother and business women at Empire Records. Cookie and Lucius Lion, although sometimes chaotic, probably have the best chemistry weve seen on tv in while. For those who follow the show all know Lucius and Empire would be nothing with Ms. Cookie Lion.

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