AUDIO: Danny Ferry’s Offensive Luol Deng Remarks

The Atlanta Hawks' current ownership group has been a clown show from the beginning. One member of the ownership group, Steve Belkin was ousted in an ugly, protracted court battle over his disagreement with the acquisition of Phoneix Suns guard Joe Johnson in 2005. In case you thought Danny Ferry was just going to fade into the background, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reignited the flame and tossed gasoline on the Hawks general manager's controversial remarks by digging up the audio from the purported hour-long conference call.

After Ferry, makes his remark about Luol Deng, you can hear co-owner Michael Gearon Jr., who has a longstanding beef with Ferry, comparing the comments to Donald Sterling and whispering that it would end up on TMZ that night. 

It took a little longer than he thought and the AJC scooped the omnipotent TMZ, but it's finally come to light. 

Take a listen. Sounds more off the cuff, than a scouting report excerpt being read out loud, but that's all conjecture.