A$AP Rocky To Be Released From Jail In Sweden

A$AP Rocky has been in jail in Sweden for four weeks, first awaiting a charge and then awaiting a court date.

He received both this week, and today he received great news.

He can leave prison.

After three days in court, Rocky, and his two companions, will be allowed to not only leave prison, they can all return home until the verdict is rendered on August 14th as per reporter Maddy Savage, who has been covering the case thoroughly in Sweden.

Family, friends, celebrities and fans have been clamoring for his release, supporting the rapper and his claims of self-defense in an incident where two individuals approached he and his friends on the street in Sweden, which led to the altercation and defensive actions taken by Rocky and his crew.

No word yet on whether they will be returning home or staying in Sweden, but at least, to the relief of all of their supporters, they will no longer be in prison.

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