As Mikey Williams’ Popularity Grows & NIL Deals Pile, The Spotlight On The Prep Star Gets Brighter

Prep basketball star Mikey Williams popped on the scene as a high flying, rim-rocking freshman in San Diego, California. Williams has over 3.4 million Instagram followers and over 5 million in total across social media platforms.

He’s easily the most famous and popular prep hooper in the country. He took the reins in that department from Melo Ball, who also carved his own path to stardom. 

After playing his freshman season at San Ysidro, where he once scored 77 points in a game and led the team to the playoffs, Williams transferred to Lake Norman Christian Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina, for his sophomore season.


From San Ysidro to Lake Norman:

The 17-year old phenom has always said he wanted to change the game and he’s doing just that.

After one season at Lake Norman, Williams is now playing for a team called Vertical Academy run and coached by his dad. While he still takes classes online at Lake Norman, VA plays a loaded national schedule with plenty of marquee matchups.

Williams’ Popularity Helps Land Some Major Deals For Him And Others

This season NBC Sports Network has gotten in on the hoopla and is now showing Vertical Academy games on their platform. Now you can see the three-point shooting combo-guard playing in tournaments and games all over the country. A platform this big not only provides exposure for Williams, but for all others involved in the game.

“I’m definitely excited about playing on a major network because more people get a chance to watch me play a whole game rather than just watching highlights. Just being affiliated with a brand like Nike is a win.”

NBC Sports is showcasing basketball and football games of the elite variety in an event titled “The Battle Showcase.”

With football season over, and NBC Sports having aired elite high school gridiron battles throughout the season, the attention now turns to the hardwood, and this Sunday in Roselle High School in New Jersey. That’s where teams from across the country, including Vertical Academy, will battle. The games will be broadcast on multiple NBC Sports platforms, which include Peacock and NBCSN.

NBC Sports has a deal in place with Gold Level Sports & Entertainment, which is designed to showcase rising high school athletes. NBCSN senior director of programming Nick Casanova is excited about the groundbreaking deal.

“Our deal with Gold Level Sports & Entertainment is a great opportunity to introduce the next generation of football and basketball to a national audience, and give fans a chance to watch elite high school competition featuring some of the top prospects in the country.”


Williams Signs Deal With Excel Sports, PUMA: NIL Is Alive And Well

Over the summer, Williams signed a deal with Excel Sports as he continues to grow his brand, while also generating some major revenue.

His deal with Excel landed Mikey a deal with shoe and apparel giant PUMA. The new NIL rules have helped some high schoolers cash in, and with Williams’ rising popularity it was a no-brainer for him to be one of the first players to monetize. 

Williams Could Do Wonders For The HBCU Community

Williams caused a stir when he announced last summer that he was considering attending an HBCU after high school. He even had the likes of Hampton, Texas Southern, North Carolina Central (LeVelle Moton), Alabama State (former NBA All-Star Mo Williams), and Tennessee State on his Final 10 list.

College was still an option for Williams as of this past summer, but with so many other options afforded players now it’s unlikely he will ever see a college dorm. 

Overtime Elite and the NBA G-League are also very viable and money-friendly options as well.

Overtime Elite’s Atlantic Station Facility In Atlanta Completed In Six Months | Should The NCAA Be Worried?

Because of the NIL allowances, there’s still a possibility that an HBCU could land the services of the prominent and well-connected budding star. It would be the power move and star power that HBCU hoops needs, similar to what Deion Sanders has done at Jackson State in football.

Makur Maker Steps Up To Pioneer A New Hoops Recruiting Culture For HBCUs

Keep an eye on Mikey Williams because his game actually measures up to his hype, and when it comes to his basketball career he’s doing his own thing.

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