Apple Announces Iphone 5C and 5S

    Apple Inc, has announced the latest upgrade in the IPhone series today, the 5S and 5C. The new phones will include new colors, cheaper prices and new IS07 operating system.

    Via CNN

    Iphone 5S will have the first 64-bit chip in a smartphone — Apple's A7 — which Schiller said has tested at up to twice as fast as the iPhone 5's processor. It also will have a new feature, a motion co-processor, that will let the phone be used as a fitness tracker along the lines of a FitBit.

    Blah. While the addition of the 64-bit processor is pretty dope, the announcement is yet another dissapointment. Apple, who loves to spoon feed its starving customers, have yet to produce a game changing, must-have device in quite some time, which has allowed the competition to catch up to them. However, the mass desire to have the new trinket will make Apple winners again upon its release.