Applaud Her: Ava DuVernay To Produce “The Last Amazon” TV Series

Ava DuVernay’s acumen is undeniable, her stamina indomitable.  DuVernay will reportedly serve as executive producer on the upcoming Atrium TV series “The Last Amazon”, according to

Atrium TV is described as a “conditioning club” that develops projects and shares them with club members who decide if they want to invest or not. Members then can license the projects for their territory and local market.  


@Ava DuVernay To Executive Produce Epic Mythical Drama Series On Amazon Queens

“The Last Amazon” will follow Amazon queens such as Hippolyta and Antiope as they vanquish their enemies, and protect their loved ones.

Ava DuVernay has been on a mission of gender inclusiveness ever since she started making movies and is currently slated to direct a New Gods movie as part of the DC Extended Universe.

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