Antonio Brown Would Make The Saints Super Bowl Favorites

As the NFL prepared for the playoffs, All-Pro receiver Antonio Brown was sitting at home exchanging quotes and advice and revelations and rants and insults on social media, while filming music videos, attempting to expose the NFL’s racial double standard and swearing off white women for 2020. 

Most people consider AB to be an unstable person at this point. It was a forego conclusion that Brown wouldn’t see the field again this season after the Patriots released him in light of a sexual assault law suit filed against him by a former trainer. Despite his setbacks, he still has 1.7 million people following him and responding to his every Tweet.

Rather than his indiscretions, the world is more captivated by his incomparable talent, rebellious and erratic nature.

Google Trends Confirms Antonio Brown Is Much More Than A Football Player

The NFL is still investigating the situation, so in the meantime Brown is available to play and the New Orleans Saints have called him in for a workout today according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. 

Brown might be a bit out there, but he’s still the league’s premier wide receiver and teaming him up with Michael Thomas who just broke the single-season receptions record (144) would give the Saints the best wide receiver tandem in the game. 

“This is a pure football move because of how much of a reliance they have on Michael Thomas right now and if you bring Antonio Brown in..that would make the Saints offense virtually unstoppable,” said ESPN football guru Louis Riddick.  

The window for another ring  is closing for this Saints team. With Drew Brees aging out of the game, Sean Payton and Co. won’t keep getting these opportunities for much longer. So they are doing their “due diligence” and seeing what’s good.

Brown has proven to be somewhat of a team obliterator. He jetted from Pittsburgh, leaving a lot of bad blood behind. Moved on to the Raiders, got paid and then blew the bag, never even making it to a regular season game. Then he came to the Pats and that ended quickly when more drama surfaced. 

The Saints are obviously desperate to find an edge that will propell them into the Super Bowl. Sean Payton wants to win one more ring. Sure, some people don’t like it. AB has become public enemy No 1 and the NFL is good at making certain guys look bad. 

At the same time, AB is good at making himself look a bit suspect at times and he’s lost the faith of alot of folks. But it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be able to play if he’s physically capable. 

There are, however, reports that the Comissioner would block any attempt for a team to sign Brown, by putting the receiver on ice.

The NFL is a business. If the league has the right not to sign Colin Kaepernick because his beliefs and level of humanity doesn’t mesh well with the owners’ product, NFL teams should also have the right to sign a controversial player to help them win games. 

The NFL has to be consistent across the board.  

End of thr day, there are bigger issues in this world than worrying about whether or not Antonio Brown plays football. In the larger scheme of life this is not even timeworthy. In the football world, it could be a mega bombshell and a game-changing maneuver; Sean Payton executing the game of leap frog to perfection.

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