Another QB Is Passing Teddy Bridgewater on Draft Boards

Someone needs to throw Teddy Bridgewater a parachute because his stock is falling at a dangerous rate. According to former NFL personnel exec Gil Brandt, some franchises are actually rating Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo ahead of Bridgewater. Garoppolo is considered a second day prospect after a few strong All-Star game appearances. However, his throwing motion needs some refinement

If there were questions about the level of competition Bridgewater faced since the Florida game last season, then the argument is tenfold for Garoppolo, whhails from the same program that produced Tony Romo and a slew of head coaches. This shouldn't be too much of a surprising development for former Indianapolis Colts general manager Bill Polian who considered Garoppolo a first round talent as early as mid-February.

It's looking more and more likely that draft day will be a long one for Bridgewater.

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