Annual Magic Johnson Summer Vacation With His Famous Friends LL Cool J And Samuel L. Jackson Kicked Off In Greece Aboard 270-Foot Superyacht

It’s good to be Magic Johnson. Besides being an NBA legend, Los Angeles icon, and super rich, he gets to vacation aboard a superyacht with his famous friends every summer. This year the Magic Johnson summer vacation tour kicked off aboard the 279 foot luxury vessel Solandge in Greece with his wife Cookie, LL Cool J and his wife Simone, and Samuel L. Jackson and his wife LaTanya, among others.

The Solandge charters for €1 million per week, that’s a little over $1 million USD. It features a dance floor complete with a DJ booth, which Magic and his guests enjoyed. No word if Uncle L spit a few bars or not.

The floating pleasure palace also features a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym, steam room, spa, movie theater, and an elevator. Twelve guests can comfortably enjoy their time aboard in the eight cabins and the vessel is manned by a crew of 29.

As if that weren’t enough, the Solandge comes with water toys as well. Waverunners, jet skis, surfboards, kayaks, scuba gear and more. Magic and company have already enjoyed some time on the Mediterranean with the toys.

Magic’s Twitter and Instagram feeds are full of pictures and videos of his time in Greece and the lavish fun he and his friends are having.

No telling where else along the Mediterranean the group plans to stop. The Amalfi Coast perhaps? Regardless, it is sure to be the type of fun most people can only dream of.

Back home in Los Angeles, Magic’s Lakers are gearing up for their fifth season with LeBron James as their best player. The four-time MVP and four-time champ will be 38 this coming season, and he and the team are looking to rebound from last year’s below .500 disaster.

The offseason drama hasn’t suggested that things will be any easier. There is the constant Russell Westbrook for Kyrie Irving trade chatter. Not sure that helps. Yes, Kyrie is a far superior player to Russ, but Kyrie doesn’t show up to work. Russ is a shell of his former self but at least he’ll be in the lineup every night.

Then there is team governor Jeanie Buss, who is seemingly subtweeting LeBron and questioning his ability to lead and put the team first.

This is the same Jeanie Buss who leans heavily on Kurt and Linda Rambis, her ex-fiancé the legendary Phil Jackson, and Magic for advice about what to do with the team. The Rambises who to date have no major NBA accomplishments they can point to as having a significant impact on. Two men in Jackson and Magic who have the receipts but don’t seem to have a grasp on the modern NBA game, salary cap machinations, player development or the importance of building a culture that can sustain winning.

Maybe this season will be different. If LeBron and running mate Anthony Davis can be healthy and if they acquire Kyrie and LeBron can keep him under control, it could work. That’s a lot of ifs and hopes and wishes.

You have to wonder, with a life as good as Magic’s why even bother getting involved? It’s good being Magic.

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