Andrew Wiggins Is Going To Announce His Collegiate Decision In The Most Normal Way Possible

Andrew Wiggins doesn't have an ostentatious personality to match his conspicuous game. Outside of hoop heads, he's not a well-known commodity, yet. Last year's top recruit, Nerlens Noel chose Kentucky by displaying the UK initials shaved into the back of his high-top fade while on an ESPNU set. To each his own, but Wiggins is a much more low-key individual. He's shied away from the spotlight off the court, and on Tuesday, the cloak-and-dagger high school star will announce his college choice from an underground bunker by pigeon carrier. Not really, but he might as well.

Wiggins' list has been whittled down to UNC, Kansas, Kentucky and Florida State. Kentucky seems to be unlikely because of the expectations and the incredible pressure that will be mounted upon Calipari's "all-time great recruiting" class. If Wiggins wants to remain below the radar, there are some great fits for him outside of his four finalists, but FSU appears to be the most likely. His parents both attended school there, while his high school teammate and fellow Canadian Xavier Rathan-Mayes will attend FSU, as well. Whatever happens, he should revel in his last moments of relative national obscurity.