Andrew Bynum Gets His Pacers Walking Papers

In an inauspicious move, the Indiana Pacers announced on Wednesday that reserve center Andrew Bynum will no longer be on the team after playing in two games since he was signed on Feb. 1.

The knee issues that hindered him throughout his NBA career kept him on the inactive list since March 21, but in limited minutes, Bynum was extremely productive.

In two appearances this season during mid-March against the Boston, then Detroit, Bynum played 36 minutes, scored 23 points and 19 boards. If Bynum were healthy enough to take the court, the Pacers probably wouldn't be getting dragged down with their quick sanding starting center.

The Pacers kept it amicable, but the timing of Bynum’s departure is still somewhat odd.

"We want to thank Andrew and our medical staff for trying to get the issues with his knee resolved," said Larry Bird, the Pacers President of Basketball Operations. "We wish him the best in the future."

Since being traded by the Lakers in the summer of 2012, Bynum has played in just 26 games and it would be shocking if he played in another. Bynum has mentioned the possibility of retiring in the past due to his knee issues and after appearing on three different rosters this season, the end is here for Bynum as a viable NBA body.


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