A-Rod Helps Joe Smith Rebound After Losing $60 Million

In 2014, TMZ ran a story in which former NBA baller Joe Smith claimed his ex-girlfriend, Love & Hip Hollywood star Moniece Slaughter, bilked him out of a ton of money and hes (ticked off) that cops have done nothing about it.

Smith, a former No. 1 pick of the Golden State Warriors, who never lived up to his potential, has reportedly squandered nearly all of the $60 million he earned over his 16-year NBA career. 

Hes another in a list of NBA players who either mismanaged, squandered or were swindled out of a fortune. 

Now, Smith has no choice but to become the subject of a reality series which will exploit his situation for profit, but there is a silver lining to the disheartening situation.  Alex Rodriguez has stepped in and will help Smith rise out of his situation. 

The relationship between the two ex-athletes is the basis of a new cable TV reality special called Back in the Game. The show will premiere at 10 p.m. March 13 on CNBC. 

The one-hour special, executive produced by Michael Strahan (another ex-athlete who has successfully transitioned from the field to a booming career in television and now TV/Film production), follows Rodriguez as he helps Smith regain financial health. 

According to a CNBC media release, Back in the Game pairs Rodriguez, who is now committing his life to mentoring athletes, with Smith to find a way to build up Joes confidence and get him back on solid financial footing.  But after years of living large, will Joe be willing to listen to his new coach?

The trailer for the show is a sad jolt of reality and eye-opening exchange between a broken Smith who was once projected to be a better pro than  Kevin Garnett and Rasheed Wallace and Rodriguez.

Back In The Game: ‘Back In The Game’ With Alex Rodriguez Premieres March 13th | CNBC Prime

It’s a story we hear all too often. A pro athlete heads into retirement and suddenly ends up in financial free-fall. “Back in the Game” pairs major league baseball legend and successful businessman Alex Rodriguez with Joe Smith, a former NBA #1 pick who’s lost most of the $60 million he made in his long career.

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