After The Smack Heard Round The World, Jermall Charlo Wants All The Smoke With Caleb “Sweet Hands” Plant And Gillie The Kid

Things have not gone well for former boxing coach of the year Derrick James’ star stable. First, Errol Spence Jr. was handed his first loss by Terence “Bud” Crawford, who became a two-time undisputed world champion. Then Jermell Charlo stepped up two weight classes to take on Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and lost horribly.

Now, his twin brother Jermall Charlo wants revenge and is letting the world know how his children are being bullied due to his brother losing decisively to Canelo Alvarez.

From Boxing Comes Bullying

“My kids telling me that they don’t want to got to school no more because everybody keep walking up to my kids and telling them —” his son finished the statement, “uncle lost,” the two said in a video released to social media this week.

“When they see my son in the hallway they kneel down. That is crazy,” Charlo said about children mimicking his brother taking a knee against Canelo. “You see what boxing do? Come on, man, leave the kids out of it.”

While sitting in a seafood restaurant for family night, Charlo’s kids began to describe how they were being bullied on the school bus about the fight’s outcome. Jermall lets it known that he wants revenge for his brother and that he is “coming back for everything.”

“When I get a chance to fight Caleb Plant, i’mma knock the f**k out of Caleb Plant; all right, excuse my French,” Jermall Charlo said during an Instagram Live. “Gillie the Kid, I will whoop the f**k out of Gillie the Kid, OK. John Doe is here, ya heard. Remember that, remember what I said.”

The Slap

Jermall and boxer Caleb Plant got into an altercation backstage of the Spence versus Crawford fight, where cameras caught Plant landing a hard left slap across the face of Jermell. Recently, Plant went on the “Millon” Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast to tell hosts Gillie the Kid and Wallo what happened.

“He’s like, ‘You want to fight, because I’ll beat the s**t out of you.’ Then he pulled the hair on my chin, kind of hard too,” Plant described the altercation between Charlo and himself in the back of the T-Mobile Arena.

“I got my wife standing next to me in a room full of all of my boxing peers. I had to handle my business and do what I did, but honestly, that was the second time I smacked him. The first time I smacked him was right before the person started recording.”

Gillie related to a part of Caleb’s story where he said that Jermall got too familiar with his wife, which must have angered Jermall later. Boxing is an unforgiving sport, and between side beefs and the cruelty of children, the Charlo brothers are going through it.

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