Aaron Maybin Brings The Heat On Baltimore’s Frigid Public Schools

  • Aaron Maybin, the former Penn State All-American and NFL player is trying to help keep students warm this winter, and he’s putting the heat on the Baltimore City Public School System.

He recently posted a video on Twitter of him speaking to students at Matthew A. Henson Elementary School, which doesnt have heat for the winter. 

The Shadow League on Twitter

Former linebacker and current teacher @AaronMMaybin shows how some public schools in Baltimore are not getting any heat despite the freezing temperatures. https://t.co/TctcgF24wa

He proceeded to share a GoFundMe page where people can donate money to a group that will purchase space heaters to keep the Baltimore students warm until the heating issue is solved.

Currently the page has raised over $19,000 and has a goal to hit $20,000.

Baltimore City Public Schools are currently operating with an inadequate heating system. Students are still required to attend classes that are freezing and expected to wear their coats to assist in keeping them warm. How can you teach a child in these conditions? This fundraiser to help purchase space heaters to be to put in each classroom that needs it, the GoFundMe page reads. To raise $20,000 would be enough to cover the fees of Go fund Me and purchase roughly 660 space heaters. Schools are also in need of hats, gloves, coats, socks, etc. for their students so if you would like to donate what you have, feel free to contact us via gofundme.

Aaron Maybin: Breaking out of the Box Documentry Trailer

This documentary is about former NFL Football player and artist, Aaron Maybin who walked away from football to pursue life as an artist.

Like most of the east coast, Baltimore has recently been hit with frigid winter conditions. Temperatures are expected to reach the single digits this week and a snow storm is currently making its way through the city.

Maybin is no stranger to hands-on activism. His recent book, Art Activism, is an open letter to addressing the issues that plague Baltimore. Much more than just a former football star, Maybin is an artist, writer, father, and teacher. In his book, he offers critiques and analysis on the church, politics, education policy, and criminal justice reform just to name a few. 

Larry interviews artist Aaron Maybin

Larry interviews artist Aaron Maybin

He was on the ground in the city in the aftermath of Freddie Gray dying in police custody. During the ensuing uprising, he hit the streets with his camera and utilized his love of art and photography to share his dreams, prayers, passion and determination to be a part of the change he seeks for his children and all of those growing up in Baltimore and similar cities. 

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