A Requiem For Tiny

On Thursday, the world lost Tommy ”Tiny” Lister.

The actor, who famously played the character of Deebo in the ”Friday” movie franchise, was found dead in his Marina Del Rey apartment in Los Angeles.

The actor and wrestler, born, Thomas Lister Jr., experienced COVID-19 symptoms, his manager told CNN.

The 62-year-old actor started feeling sick a week ago, but his symptoms “got really bad, really quick,” manager Cindy Cowan said.
He couldn’t breathe and felt very weak, she said.
“It literally went so fast,” Cowan added.

Lister has been an intimidating presence, standing 6’5, on camera since the eighties. He played alongside Hulk Hogan as ”Zeus” in the 1989 film ”No Holds Barred” and has had many roles before his cult like status as Deebo.

Always looking for a come up and owning a huge chip on his shoulder regarding everyone else’s possession’s, Deebo made you think twice about riding your bike.

Deebo was our beloved antagonist, a character that we couldn’t help but love for his raw and aggressive sense of entitlement.

It is a loss that will be felt for generations to come as ”Tiny” has always felt omnipresent in pop culture. His schtick never got old and he was a Hollywood legend for being a revered play bully.

He seemingly never broke character until a loving smile crept across his face revealing him enjoying the revelry of his delivery.

He was the diesel uncle you never asked for and the big homie you hated to surprise you. But we loved collectively for always bringing that same energy.

Reat in Power to Tommy ”Tiny” Lister, the bully we never knew we needed until he played one for us all.

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