A$AP Rocky Should Have A Sitdown With John Calipari About His Clothing Line

You know the old saying, "rappers wanna be athletes and athletes wanna rap." Who knew coaches wanted to be fashion designers. If you've ever found yourself staring at John Calipari on the Kentucky sideline, wondering how you can dress like him, then you're strange. But you're also in luck.

On Monday, Calipari posted the announcement of his new clothing line, Illegal BeneFITS Refuse To Lose.

As you can probably tell, this has no connection to Nike. It's the equivalent to Kobe Bryant's short-lived rap career.

Back in February, TSL Editor-In-Chief, Vincent Thomas took athletes and celebrities to task for attaching their names to cheap clothing lines they don't have any say in and praised A$AP Rocky for his hands-off approach to fashion design. Calipari belongs in that group of celebrites that are in over their heads and out of their element.

Calipari believes he can sell anything to anyone, but this may be his toughest product pitch yet. Just because Jay Z is venturing into sports doesn't mean Calipari should throw his hat into the world of fashion. Besides, he's not even the best-dressed college hoops coach in his own state. Calipari's used to winning, but he may have to take the L on this one.

I don't even think Kentucky superfan, Drake would rock this.


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