2K League: Knicks Gaming Wins Ticket Tournament In An Improbable Run

    Knicks Gaming defeated Celtics Crossover Gaming 82-80 to win THE TICKET TOURNAMENT.

    The team’s improbable run won them an automatic spot in the NBA 2K League Playoffs along with prize money and a steel champ banner. Knicks Gaming rose up in the ranks this past week, entering the tournament No. 15 seed to winning an instant classic final round. 

    Tournament MVP Adam “iamadamthe1st” Kudeimati averaged 26.7 points and 7.2 assists per game. The fourth-round pick from Wayne, N.K. also led the team’s victorious win over Raptors Uprising GC, Wizards District Gaming, and Cavs Legion GC.

    “It means the world. Going in we knew what we needed to do. We set out a goal. We went out and accomplished it. I have an incredible cast of amazing teammates.” Kudeimati said, “Idris really stepped up today. We had a great team performance at both ends of the ball. To get this win, it just means the world.”

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    New York State of Mind the BEST from @Knicksgaming’s Championship run https://t.co/SMu9Wzd0UB

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