25 Years Ago Today, Bell Biv DeVoe Made A Poisonous, Everlasting Hit (Video)

    Twenty five years ago today (February 24, 1990), New Jack Swings wrecking ball made one of its biggest smashes with the release of Bell Biv DeVoes Poison. The song served as an introduction to the New Edition spin-off group, and the first look from the would-be quadruple platinum self-titled MCA Records release.

    After five New Edition albums in as many years between 1983 and 1988, the Boston, Massachusetts superstar sensations were at a crossroads in the late 1980s. Bobby Brown had been booted from the group, finding tremendous solo success. Johnny Gill was added as his replacement. However, the conflicts continued, with Johnny Gills addition, and Ralph Tresvants own solo interests. Super-producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis urged the three other group founders (Michael Bivins, Ricky Bell, Ronnie DeVoe) to create an off-shoot. B.B.D. was born, a Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang of its day (to much greater success and magnitude), and the trio needed the ultimate breakthrough.

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