2013 NBA Draft Preview: Victor Oladipo Will Shut You Down

Upside: Victor Oladipo is a solid pro prospect and could even, in the right system, become a reliable number three option.  Last year at Indiana, he turned himself into a brand name player and led the Hoosiers to a 27-9 record (he was also the Big Ten Defensive Player Of The Year) and a Big Ten title. At 6´4 and 210, he is slightly undersized for a starting NBA SG prospect, but there are other things that he brings to the table that will help him overcome those measureables. For one, he’s a great defender who understands spacing, weak-side help and how to defend his man without fouling. He has good hands and an eye for disrupting balls. He’s been rumored to be the choice for Phoenix, which has the number five pick, but his name has also been rumored to go as high as number two.  

Downside: He’ll likely never be a star franchise type of player. He has an above average level of athleticism, which will balance him offensively since his jumper is up and down. (He did shoot a scalding 44 percent from three-point land, but scouts are skeptical that he could do the same in the pros.) But really, his main selling point is that he’ll be ready to play from day one. He’s mature enough that teams with guys who have questionable work ethics, might take him as their first step in cleaning house. He comes with all the clichéd intangibles that are discussed this time of year, but he’s not a difference maker. You can’t build a team around complementary players such as Oladipo, no matter how mature he is.  He’d be a solid addition to a team like Phoenix or Sacramento, rebuilding squads struggling to create cohesion.  Either spot would be ideal.




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