Zach Wilson’s Dad Allegedly Drops Inappropriate Reference To Fan About His Son Sleeping With His Mom’s BFF

There’s no such thing as bad press, right? That’s the mantra New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson is living by these days. Amid rumors that the 2021 draft pick hooked up with his mom’s bff, Wilson’s dad allegedly made an inappropriate comment to a fan that seemingly referenced the incident.

According to fan Sebastian Garcia’s Twitter account, Wilson’s dad, when taking a photo of his son with Garcia, allegedly said “say MILF on three.”

“Ran into @ZachWilson today and asked for a pic. His dad, as he’s taking the pic: ‘Say MILF on 3!’ Legends.”

No reports have confirmed that this is in fact true; this is strictly the word of a fan from a Twitter account.

This is where we are in 2022: Fans airing out players’ alleged dirty laundry via social media. All of this attention has certainly increased Wilson’s popularity and he will be in for a sought-after comment next month when training camps open.

How does any of this actually help the Jets? Couldn’t say.

Earlier this month Wilson’s ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile alleged that Wilson had an affair with his mom’s best friend. Gile called Wilson a “homie hopper” after her current boyfriend, Washington Commanders’ star and Wilson’s former college roommate, Dax Milne, shared a pic of the pair on his Instagram.

Did you get all that?

Wilson appears to be taking it all in stride and seemingly made fun of the situation in an Instagram post.

“Took the boys to @gozzerranchclub in Idaho before camp! Poor cell service…what I miss?”

Wilson’s mother Lisa also seemed to dismiss the allegations as she went live on her verified Instagram account this week, introducing one of her best friends.

“This is my beautiful friend, Suzette,” Lisa Wilson said as she focused on her friend. “For people wondering…. don’t. Shut up. I have really good friends and you people are idiots.”

Is this just Gile being jealous? Did Milne let her in on a secret?

Regardless, camp opens next month and the number-two overall pick in 2021 needs to show some improvements in year two. He struggled in OTAs, according to reports, particularly in red zone offense situations.

Overall, his summer was up and down, but head coach Robert Saleh and the team picked him second overall, so they obviously believe in him. It’s often a slow grind up the hill at quarterback.

“He doesn’t need to be Tom Brady this year,” Saleh said. “Now if he ends up being that, that’s awesome. But that’s not the expectation. The expectation is for him to continue to climb that mountain that’s quarterback play in this league.”

His offensive line needs to be better. According to football outsiders, the Jets’ offensive line ranked 22nd overall and 28th against the pass. With depth at running back and improved line play, that would go a long way in helping Wilson to develop.

With some playmakers on offense and a defense that could generate some takeaways with 2022 draft pick Sauce Gardner, Wilson and the Jets offense might have some short fields to work with this season.

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