Your Weekend In Tweets: Daytona Had A Wild Weekend

Jimmie Johnson proved why he’s one of the best drivers in NASCAR history. Danica Patrick made history with a solid performance. The Lakers are back in the playoff mix and the NFL Combine is in full swing.

Scary moment.



That’s a good question.



He’s destined for failure.



How are you gonna turn on your boys?



You’re lucky you are here to tell the story.



Tell 'em, Mr. Mayor.



You have a lot of work to do.



She still needs to win a race, but she was good today.



She’s right, but has to be careful.



He’s going to get paid.



Two words spoke volumes.



That was a witty comeback.



He wasn’t convincing enough.



We’re asking for jobs on Twitter now?



Get it done.



You’re the best in the business right now.



There isn’t anything weird about it when you cash those checks.



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