Your MLB/NFL/VP Debate Night In Tweets

Days like Thursday are made for Twitter.

Days like Thursday are made for Twitter. We had an MLB Playoff quadruple-header, a Thursday Night Football game and, most importantly, a Vice Presidential debate. Joe Biden laid the smack down on Paul Ryan, A’s wet the bed, Justin Verlander was Picasso-like with the way painted the corners, Reds collapsed and Yankees can’t buy a hit from A-Rod despite the millions they pay him.


Quit crying and win games.


Great fans they deserve better.


They lost in the movie, too.


I’d love to know what your celebration is, Ray. But you don’t make any plays.


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Maybe you can see what it’s like to win a big game?


Hopefully the outfit looks better than the Steelers record.


He seemed more than OK to me.


Biden > Bane.


Hey, Hey, Hey. Goodbye


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He’d beat 75% of the guys there just off his “rap hands” alone.


I thought he was going to get draped in a James Brown robe at the end.


You have questions, we have answers. See next tweet.


Learning is half of the battle.


Sad, but true.


To whom much is given….


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It burns, though.


Some saw it that way, but apparently others felt differently.


It didn’t seem that way to me.


Yet people tried to spin Ryan as the winner.


She kicked Jim Lehrer’s ass.