“You Changed From The Humble Kid You Always Was” | Paolo Banchero’s Inflated Rookie Ego Doesn’t Sit Well With Dejounte Murray

It usually takes a few games for players to develop beef between each other, but for Dejounte Murray and Paolo Banchero it only took a single pro-am game for a rivalry to flare up between the two stars. While the game is where the displeasure between the two was displayed, their beef has been slightly cooking since Banchero got drafted.


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When you’re a rookie coming into a professional league, you’re normally humble and friendly. Most rookies are trying to acquaint themselves with the NBA lifestyle, process the amount of money they’re coming into, or just continue working their tail off to be the best player they can be as quickly as possible. The NBA’s first overall pick, however, chose violence. The ex-Duke baller decided to make an enemy, and that enemy is not someone to be taken lightly.

The Orlando Magic’s franchise talent has been doing all the aforementioned activities once joining the NBA, including working his tail off. One of his summer workouts has been consistently playing in the Drew League, where a lot of other NBA stars have been participating in recently. Banchero has already made some noise through his Drew League play, with a lot of flashy dunks and his signature spin move to get past his opponents.

He also went off for 50 points in one game with fellow draft mate Chet Holmgren. 

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But regardless of all of these achievements and highlights in the Drew League, the main focus of Bancheros summer is his newfound beef with new Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray. 

What we all thought was the beginning of the rivalry between the two was only the culmination of some egotistical behavior and disrespect from a rookie to a vet, who just so happens to be an All-Star caliber vet. Murray had no problem reminding Banchero of that. 

In a viral clip showing these two facing off at the Drew League, Murray was picked up by Banchero on an isolation that saw Murray absolutely clown and toy with the former Duke star en route to turning a self-oop off the backboard into a vicious one-handed slam. To cap off the lesson, Murray firmly asserted his dominance over Banchero by throwing the ball at him and getting up in his face with something unsettling.



Shortly after the master class in backing up trash talk, Banchero was the first to hit social media about the embarrassing event that took place. Posting on Instagram, he called out Murray for unfollowing him, alleging that whatever Murray was upset about must’ve been that real. 

“Lol unfollowed me on tha gram n everything it must be personal huh? That’s fine jus make sure u guard up next time n stop sending doubles family”, Paolo via Instagram.

Whatever that ‘it’ that was personal was soon was explained by Murray, who responded via Instagram shortly afterward, explaining that while he was a fan and a supporter of Banchero, the rookie switched up and tried to rub being the No. 1 pick in Murray’s face.

“You Tried To Flex That #1 Pick Sh** On Me When I Been Rooting For You When You Was A Kid Asking To Rebound For Me @paolo5 Don’t Get On This Internet Saying Nothing… You Changed From The Humble Kid You Always Was And I Stand On Real Sh** Boy And YOU KNOW!!!!!!!! You Made It And Changed And I Lost All Respect!!” Murray wrote.

“Stay Humble. This Life You In Now Is REAL And Ain’t No Joke!!! I STILL WANNA SEE YOU WIN Cause That’s WHO I AM!!!” Murray via Instagram.

According to Murray, Paolo had this coming, alleging that he switched up and lost his way after reaching his success in the NBA draft. 

No one knows how long this beef will last, or if it will trickle into the NBA (though it probably will), but two things are for sure.

Banchero and Murray will be holding onto this grudge for a while, and Magic versus Hawks games will be highly anticipated TV. Hopefully, we get something very beautiful out of this rivalry as we usher in the new era of basketball.

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