Will Smith Makes Stand-Up Comedy Debut

This past Wednesday, Dave Chappelle hosted his surprise comedy show, The Process at West Hollywoods Peppermint Club, featuring a roster of A-list comedians and friends: Jon Stewart, Katt Williams, Michael Che, Lebron James, and Will Smith.

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It’s the stuff of Hollywood legend: a private, impromptu show attended and hosted by stars doing unexpected things https://t.co/XFWUnzdg1d

At this un-plugged comedy event, Chappelle joked about current topics such as the #MeToo movement, race, religion, among other things.

However, the biggest moment of the night was when the audience was caught off guard when Bad Boys franchise star, Will Smith, took to the stage for his stand-up comedy debut. Unfortunately, this is not a new career path for Smith–although his antics on Instagram might prove otherwiserather a check off his bucket list inspired by his upcoming 50th birthday.

During his set, Smith joked about losing control of his house, with his wife filming her Red Table Talk Facebook Watch series and his son Jaden recording albums at home, leaving him to find out about it via streaming platform Spotify and getting pushback after asking to hop on Jadens Icon remix.

Of course, the legend killed his set and luckily for fans not in attendance that night, youll be able to catch Smiths set on his upcoming show called, The Bucket List. 

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