Will Smith and Jay Z Team Up for HBO Comedy

    Did you ever get that strange feeling that something was going on behind the scenes? That something big was afoot? Will Smith’s career is something like an iceberg. Though the top is large, the greater part of it is hidden from sight beneath the waves, and behind the scenes. His on screen persona is at its peak, but the behind the scenes dealings of he and wife Jada are unsinkable and solvent.

    They are Hollywood royalty. While hip hop king, Jay Z, has proven to be a successful and productive business partner to anyone he has ever teamed up with. People don’t realize the aforementioned titans of industry have slowly been building a profitable film content partnership behind the scenes.  Jay and the Smiths have recently teamed up with Scottish singer Chris Harris and HBO for a project written by Scottish novelist, playwright and short story writer Irvine Walsh, who is best known as the author of Trainspotting.  The project is a comedy about the life of an electronic dance music DJ. For Jay Z, this move further strengthens his business ties with Will Smith. Will, Jada and Jay will join the project as executive producers.

    This will be their second project together as they are partnered up in the remake of Annie as executive producers as well. You would think that deals of this magnitude would be par for the course among all African American power brokers, but they are not. This deal is unique in that respect and may herald in an era in which such titans can connect in the film and television industry more often.