Will Andre 3000 Actually Drop An Album In 2014?

    Every few months or so brings new rumors about the former members of Outkast, usually centered on a possible return or reunion. Both Andre 3000 and Big Boi address the elephant in the room but only enough to perpetuate it's existence (for example, Big Boi jumped on 3000's track with Frank Ocean "Pink Matter" and 3 Stacks apologized for messing up the vibe on T.I.'s "Sorry"). Each rumor is met with excitement, wonder and finally overwhelmed with Detox-levels of crushing doubt.

    But the latest Andre 3000 scoop doesn't involve a reunion. According to BET's Stephen Hill, Andre's next project is a solo album set to drop in 2014.

    That would be dope, though as our friend Bomani Jones pointed out, we might want to check the hype at the door.