Why The NBA Could Schedule Morning Games In The Future

The NBA's expansion to Asia was bound to create some changes to the NBA's schedule making. After all, any successful business would be crazy not to cater to a billion fans in a burgeoning consumer base. That may come this season according to Commissioner Adam Silver. 

As a way of reaching out to China, the NBA may begin rescheduling primetime matchups for morning tip-offs on the East Coast. Early morning tip-offs may but a dent into the nightly champagne campaigns some players take advantage of on the road, but that's the cost of business.

Via Variety:

Late last week Silver said the NBA is considering playing some U.S. East Coast games in the morning, rather than the usual evening slots, in order to screen them live in China, which is seen as one of the sport’s biggest growth markets.

“I think it will make sense to play some of our games in the East Coast in the morning, so that viewers in China can watch those games in primetime,” Silver said last week. The possible move was endorsed by former Houston Rockets star Yao Ming.


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