Why Did The NBA Kill LeBron’s Black Mask?

Black History Month's end is over too soon. Likewise, LeBron James' black mask is history as well thanks to the NBA's corporate creativity killa squad NBA fans often get a kick out of stylistic choices made by NBA players before and during games. However, the league office is generally against any uniform alterations that they didn't approve of or cannot profit from. That includes masks and the tights that Wade, James and Kobe Bryant made popular eight years ago

After initially giving James the go-ahead for wearing an intimidating black protective mask over his broken nose on Thursday night, the league changed course and requested James wear a clear mask that the league considers appropritate. 

No explanation has been given from the league, but it's pretty apparent why the league changed course and banned the mask that caused a social media ruckus. 

It has nothing to do with worries that a doppelganger would take the opportunity to take James' spot on the floor one night, concerns about DC comics suing for copyright infringement or because of an anti-vigilante policy.

James' carbon fiber mask was made by a local Miami manufacturer and because the NBA doesn't financially benefit, the mask and its accompanying memes had to go. No explanation has been given from the league, but it's the only reason that makes sense. Free advertising is something the billion-dollar league usually frowns upon. That's why jerseys will be used for ad placement in the near future. Seriously. 

After initially planning to appeal l the league's decision James relented and will go acquiesce to his corporate bosses requests. LeBron's Batman mask has been retired, but more importantly Adam Silver has proven he is no Commissioner Gordon.

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