While You Were Working: Tim Tebow Got His Pink Slip

The Jets ended the Tim Tebow era in NYC. 


Jason Collins became the first pro in team sports to come out, sharing his story in the May edition of Sports Illustrated













It's no secret that the San Diego Chargers could use a lift. But they're trying to get L.T. to come out of retirement. Who tries to pull a RUNNING BACK to come out of retirement??


We thought the offseason storyline for the Lakers would be the decision Dwight Howard makes on his future – and it still is to a large degree. Now, though, there is legitimate skepticism as to whether D12 is even a max contract player


Can't say enough about Steph Curry. It's just important to enjoy this. He's the best shooter in the league, but so rarely healthy. Dude even made all of this happen on those gimpy ankles. 




A man stabbed four people at a church in New Mexico. 


This Guinness record holder and Indian daredevil pulled his last stunt when he tried to cross a river with his ponytail tied to a zip line. Apparently his hair got caught on the wheeler and unfortunately, he was dead 45 minutes later. 


Apple took initiative for its first ever debt sale


Wyclef released the April Showers mixtape


Chuck D went off this weekend in France when a white dude called him a n***a. 




Here's T.I. featuring Young Dro and Shad Da God with "Freeze Up."

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