While You Were Working: Riley Cooper Returned to Eagles Camp

Riley Cooper was back with the Eagles and will practice with the team.



Kobe Bryant's incredibly quick recovery from his achillies tear is unprecedented, according to a recent study.


Hakeem Nicks says his career counts on being healthy this season.


Jets RB Joe McKnight was arrested after failing to pay parking tickets.


The NFL's new referee training video now emphasizes the crown of the helmet rule.


The Miami Dolphins and Reshad Jones agreed to a new four-year deal.


Mark McGwire seems to have accepted his fate about never getting into the Hall of Fame.


Scientists grew a burger out of stem cells. Apparently it was a little crunchy. Here's how it tasted.


GM will lower the cost of a Chevy Volt by 13 percent to keep up with competitors.


Taco Bell plans to expand their test markets for a new breakfast waffle taco meal. 


Lupe Fiasco tweeted out the lyrics to the title track for his next project, Peace of Payper/Cup of Jayzus.


Chris Brown says his next album will probably be his last.


Nas talks about his trip to Cognac, France.


Drake spoke with Revolt TV ,after his performance at the OVO Fest, about sharing the stage with Kanye West.


DMC stopped by the Combat Jack show. Here's the teaser.

The King Of Rock, Darryl McDaniels, raps harder than he ever did on this episode, spitting about coming up under the influence of the Cold Crush and the Furious Five, the rise of Run-DMC, the GOAT rap group, alcoholism, being an orphan, the death of Jam Master Jay and the eventual break up of the group. He also talks about his lifelong love for comic books and how he’s about to publish his own under his Darryl Makes Comics company. This interview is guaranteed tougher than leather.


Nipsey Hussle continues releasing tracks, fueling speculation his next mixtape will come out soon.