While You Were Working: Notre Dame Looks To The ACC

With the seven Catholic schools in the Big East expected to soon leave the conference to form their own league, Notre Dame is jumping ship to the ACC. We already saw this coming when the Fighting Irish made it clear they would try to make a move from the Big East if the Catholic 7 left the conference. College basketball is going to have some major adjustments on its hands in the coming years.

If the Jets are serious about trading Darrelle Revis, they might want to look away from the 49ers.





Serge Ibaka, who really should've been sitting his ass at home or somewhere for nut-punching Blake Griffin, made a solid play on Dwight Howard at the rim. Notice Kendrick Perkins in the background, probably just glad not to be the subject of a Howard poster:


But did Indiana's Victor Oladipo come up with college basketball's biggest block of the year when he ate this Ohio State layup attempt?

Danny Granger can't seem to get right. An MRI did not reveal any new damage to Granger's knee. He's just feeling the same old soreness that's plagued him for most of the season.

Baron Davis is working with Ryan Seacrest on a new TV show. Yeah, you read that correctly. No editing errors on that.

The Transportation Security Administration will now allow certain sporting equipment and small knives to be carried on flights after a revision to its list of prohibited items. The changes that take effect on April 25 will allow knives with blades that are no longer than 2.36 inches and no wider than a half inch. You can also bring your lacrosse or hockey sticks, golf clubs and pool cues among other items.

Fox Sports will launch its 24-hour cable network in August as an attempt to become a direct competitor with ESPN as the worldwide leader in sports.

A fan hit a $20,000 halfcourt shot at the Lakers-Thunder game last night. Not that its anyone's business, but he's using the money for his wife's cancer treatments. Good luck to both of them.


The Maryland Senate voted to repeal the death penalty on its way to becoming the 18th state to abolish executions. Maryland's last execution was in 2005.



A lesbian couple in MIchigan is challenging the state's law that won't allow them to adopt each other's children.

Taylor Swift shows us how to flip a break up into a damn good real estate investment.

Iyanla Vanzant vs. DMX? Who ya got?


John Stewart is making his directorial debut with a story about a Canadian-Iranian journalist who was imprisoned in Tehran in 2009 for four months and accused of conspiring against the government. 

Nas is set to perform next year at the One Mic: Hip-Hop Culture Worldwide festival held at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Waka Flocka and Wooh Da Kid collaborated on "Seen Alot."




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