While You Were Working: JJ Redick and Jordan Crawford on the Move

The biggest news of the trade deadline so far: JJ Redick is on the move to Milwaukee, and Sebastian Telfair heads to Toronto.



Jordan Crawford is heading to Boston in exchange for Leandro Barbosa.



The trade deadline has passed with no word on Josh Smith who is the center of the other rumors in the NBA, with Monta Ellis involved somehow. Boston was rumored to be after Tyreke Evans though that seems unlikely with the trade for Jordan Crawford.


Billboard is revamping its top 100, and will incorporate YouTube views into the process. It turns out the Harlem Seizure videos were the final push to persuade Billboard to make the change. Great.


Lil' Wayne is catching a lot of heat, but it's probably easy to ignore as he watches money pile up. “Love Me” with Future and Drake just went gold.




Mike Tyson is suing his financial advisors – a company owned by Live Nation – for $5 million. He claims they mismanaged his money and embezzled $300,000 from him.




Chip Kelly spoke with the media at the NFL Combine. 



It's fashion week in Milan.



A$AP Rocky performs “Fashion Killa” in Brooklyn.



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