While You Were Working: Floyd Mayweather Was Riding Around In A $2 Million Truck

Floyd Mayweather rides around in a $2 million armored truck, which contains a bathroom, dining room and a master suite.


Dustin Pedroia is playing with a torn ligament in his thumb.


Saints WR Joe Morgan was arrested for DWI after being found asleep on the side of a highway, then blowing a .216 (!!!!!).


You will not be able to pre-purchase Kanye's upcoming album, Yeezus.


Updates from the French Open:


Arizona Cardinals rookie Ryan Swope says he is still feeling the effects of concussions from his days at Texas A&M.


Kentucky coach John Calipari says he wants a two-year committment before players can decide to go to the NBA.


Carmelo Anthony wants the New York Knicks to add another scorer to the roster. Good luck finding the cap space.


Amazon has picked up five original shows to air on Amazon Prime, though they have not been reviewed all that well so far.


Wal Mart was fined $82 million for dumping hazardous waste.


Eric Holder's job might really be in trouble after possibly lying to the House under oath.


Nicki Minaj says she's done with pop records and is going back to doing what she does best, "kill everything."


French Montanta sold 56,000 copies of his debut album and somehow still managed a top-five spot on Billboard.


Arian Foster had an MRI on his strained calf, mostly as a precaution.


Several states are refusing to expand Medicaid as required by the Affordable Healthcare Act, leaving millions without healthcare coverage, most of whom are poor, many of whom are minorities. 


Metta World Peace has written a children's book.


Chi Ali kicks a quick freestyle, "Ballin."


De La Soul captures the spirit of Wu Tang in their latest, "Get Away."

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