While You Were Working: Derrick Rose Wouldn’t Rule Out A Return Against Miami

Derrick Rose isn't ruling out a return against the Miami Heat.


Terrell Owens thinks he'd be a great fit on the Patriots. 


30 teens out in Cali were suspended from high school for twerking.


Lauryn Hill finally paid her massive tax debt.


Natives from the small town in Kentucky where a 5-year old shot his 2-year old sister with a gun designed for children doesn't want any part in a national debate on guns, saying it's nobody's business but the town's.


Chris Brown has officially confirmed his split with Rihanna, saying he isn't ready to get "wifed-up." Very true. Sounds like he finally has someone in his ear who can get through to him.


Jay-Z joined a group hoping to renovate and save the Nassau Coliseum.  He also hit up Bey's concert in London with Ludacris.


TIME says attacks like the Boston bombing are virtually impossible to prevent. 


Chris Kelly of Kriss Kross, who died last week, shot this video hours before he passed away.


If the Chiefs manage an 8-8 season, the 49ers will get a second round pick. As if they need the help.


The first 3D printed gun was fired successfully in Texas (obviously). 


Cars that don't pass inspection tests in the US don't get destroyed, they get sent to the Middle East.


Justin Timberlake announces his world tour, which kicks off in September, shortly after the second part of his album, The 20/20 Experience, is scheduled to be released. 


Gary Washburn defends his selection of Carmelo Anthony over LeBron James for the MVP.


Is Mike Scioscia running out of time in LA?


SBOE and Juelz Santana talk about some of their favorite things. 


JR Smith ripped Knicks fans for their bandwagon tendencies. 


Tim Tebow was named the most influential athlete in sports. The poll must have been conducted back when he was actually on a team.


The Nets have their eyes on Phil Jackson, Brian Shaw, and, believe it or not, Jerry Sloan. Here, PJ Carlesimo discusses being fired by the Nets.


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President Obama is playing golf with two GOP senators today, a move that is sadly considered progress in 2013.


Rick Perry compared anti-gay rights activists to abolitionists.


Wiz Khalifa and 2 Chainz joined forces for a Fast and Furious track.

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