While You Were Working: 12.4.12

Rex Ryan has yet to name a starting quarterback for the Jets' upcoming game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, but instead offered the following quote.

"I've got three quarterbacks I feel good about," Ryan said. "I think we're in a lot better situation than a lot of teams."

I haven't seen the video to put this in proper context, but which of the three quarterbacks can Ryan feel good about? The one he benched? The one half the team trash talked to the media this season? Or the one who trash-talked the entire team to the media less than a year ago?

And they're certainly not better off than any of the teams who are, you know, actually in the playoffs. 

But at least Tim Tebow made the news for something positive, after he responded to a Twitter campaign in support of a 17-year old hurt in a car accident.

Bob Costas' comments continue to spark conversation, and after he appeared on Dan Patrick's radio, DP offered some remarks on gun control along racial lines (the segment starts at the 28 min mark, goes in at the 31 min mark), with poor execution.

This has the makings of good radio discussion tomorrow.

WaPo reports on Fox News chief's failed attempt to enlist Petraeus as a presidential candidate, which would have been "bankrolled" by Rupert Murdoch.

The Kentucky Wildcats took the biggest slide in NCAA history after losing twice last week, but still managed to secure Karl Towns' commitment today.



Young Jeezy dropped a new track after lunch.


Ready for the holiday season? Man City's Aleks Koralov is, too…I guess.


The ladies of Victoria Secret were out promoting the Victoria Secret Fashion show tonight.


This student was arrested after describing her crime on Youtube.


It's Jay-Z's 43rd, and #HOV has been trending all day.



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