While You Were Working: 12.3.12

Kobe Bryant isn't afraid to let teammates (or anyone else, really) know where they stand or how he feels about them. He's been known to egg Paul Gasol on, too, and he sent warning shots across Gasol's bow yesterday, telling reporters he needs to "put his big-boy pants on" in order to see more action in the fourth quarter.


LeBron James won Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year.



There's a Kardashian trending on Twitter and it's not Kim.

Bob Costas spent his Sunday evening talking about gun control, which has sparked controversy since.


While gun control will be a major part of this discussion, Belcher's backstory also reveals troubling details.


At least the Knicks are playing well…


Katt Williams is on way more than one at this point.


Das Racist broke up, Chuck D annouces a Hip Hop Gods tour featuring Hip Hop's Golden Age, and Snoop and Tha Dogg Pound bring it back:



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