What’s Next For The Marvel Street Heroes Post Netflix Thanos Snap?

“Canceling Iron Fist? We get. But canceling Luke Cage was like a gut punch with brass knuckles to Black fans.”


Netflix’s was very ambitious in attempting creating an entire Marvel Centric TV universe that would be great viewing and also remain true to the source material that was created by a myriad of writers over the past 40 years or so.  When Daredevil first dropped it was immediately assumed that its creative blueprint could be easily replicated on other shows. 

However, that was not meant to be. The street-level heroes that Netflix was counting on to take advantage of Marvel’s cinematic fanbase were apparently weren’t up to the task, viewership wise.  

Missick Tasked Us To Start A Daughters Of The Dragon Spin-Off Petition

Simone Missick’s star has been on the rise since playing fan favorite Misty Knight in the wildly popular Netflix offering Luke Cage. But to the uninformed, Missick has been toiling at her craft for 15 whole years. So, if there’s anyone I’m cheering for in Hollywood’s vaunted Glow Up category, it’s Simone.

Though Iron Fist season 2 was better than the first season from a writing and fight choreography perspective, apparently it simply wasn’t doing well enough to garner a third season. But, honestly, who didn’t see that coming? Outside of introducing Colleen Wing, portrayed by Jessica Henwick, the show wasn’t clever, had very little originality, and just seemed too long.

But Luke Cage? Its cancellation was a gut punch with brass knuckles. Yes, actor Michael Colter’s portrayal of Luke Cage was a bit stiff, but tonally most other elements of the show were on point like Magic Johnson in ’87.  

All the Afrocentric talking points and references? We loved them. WELL, at least I did. It was an entire world that was built for, by and about black characters. This wasn’t just unprecedented from a Marvel perspective, but in television as a whole. 

Luke Cage Producer Cheo Coker Says He Would Have Casted BIG as Cotton Mouth

Luke Cage producer and writer explains how the photo of B.I.G. by Barron Claiborne was chosen for Cottonmouth’s office and says he would have cast him for the TV show.

Right now, we’re awaiting news on the fate of Jessica Jones season 3 with some trepidation. While not my favorite of the Marvel offerings, Jessica Jones was certainly a very necessary addition to a world that’s dominated by men. Additionally, though Luke Cage and Iron Fist no longer have their own shows, the characters themselves are still very much alive and well.  

This goes for favorites like Misty Knight and the aforementioned Colleen Wing.  Recently, actress Simone Missick discussed her wish for a Daughter’s of the Dragon petition to create a show featuring herself and Jessica Henwick.  But now I have my doubts about whether there will be any new Marvel shows, or if Jessica Jones will remain.

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