“We’ve Seen Him In The Playoffs” |NFL Analyst Rob Ninkovich Says He’d Take Jimmy Garoppolo Over Jalen Hurts And Dak Prescott

Former Patriots star Rob Ninkovich went on record earlier this week saying he would take Niners quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in the playoffs over his NFC counterparts Jalen Hurts and Dak Prescott

What Ninkovich is spewing is pretty self-explanatory, as Jimmy G is 4-2 in the postseason, having led the Niners within one missed throw of the Super Bowl. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and Philadelphia Eagles dual-threat assassin Jalen Hurts are a combined 1-4 in the postseason.

Is Jimmy Garoppolo Better Than Jalen Hurts And Dak Prescott? 

During an episode of ESPN’s “Get Up,” Ninkovich said:

“I’m going with Jimmy Garoppolo because we’ve seen him in the playoffs. We’ve seen him in big moments and he’s been there. He’s actually played in playoff games. These other guys,we don’t know what we’re going to expect from Jalen Hurts in the playoffs.”

“We don’t know how Dak’s going to look when the game’s on the line against the Philadelphia Eagles in Philly or the 49ers if they have to play the 49ers. So I’m going with consistency. I’m going with winning percentages, four and two in the playoffs,” Nink added. 

“I’ll take Jimmy G. They went in, they get McCaffrey to help Jimmy G and he’s literally come there. McCaffrey and has come and been the savior, the go to guy. It’s going to help Jimmy G in the playoffs.”

Valid points by Nink, but he’s also speaking as if Hurts has had the same number of playoff opportunities as Jimmy G and Dak. Hurts has only played in one playoff game, a 31-15 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season.

That team wasn’t as talented as this squad, especially with the addition of wide receiver AJ Brown and the maturation of Hurts.


Is Jimmy Garoppolo Carried By 49ers Defense? 

To say Garoppolo is 4-2 in the postseason is true, as you are what your record says you are. But in retrospect, the former Eastern Illinois standout has been aided by a dominant defense. While both of his losses have come to the eventual Super Bowl champions in the Kansas City Chiefs and L.A. Rams, a huge reason why the Niners advanced that far was because of their defense. 

As for Prescott, he’s underachieved in the playoffs, going 1-3, including two home losses, in the team’s opening playoff game. That’s the albatross for Dak that will weigh on him and the underachieving Cowboys until they break their 27-year Super Bowl drought. 

Hurts is just beginning his career and in his second season as a starter after leading the Eagles to the playoffs in his first year under center.


Jimmy Garoppolo Is More Of A Game Manager 

Of the three QBs, Garoppolo has the lowest ceiling and is considered a game manager rather than a game breaker. Prescott and Hurts are guys who can beat teams with their arm and legs.

With all three QBs currently leading their respective teams toward the postseason, we’ll see if Nink’s comments hold up.

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