We’ve Been Looking At RGIII’s Knee Injury All Wrong

Robert Griffin III dual threat ability is what turned him into an NFL star during his rookie season. After tearing up his knee in his playoff debut, the hope was that the Redskins would focus on running him at least half as much out of the pistol and amp up his responsibilities in the passing game.  ESPN’s Ron Jaworski has other concerns about the ramifications of his injury. Running less could be beneficial for his long-term career, but what if his knee injury throws a monkey wrench in his throwing mechanics? On Wednesday morning’s Mike and Mike, Jaworski pointed out vast differences in RGIII’s throwing mechanics as a result of his surgically repaired knee that have him concerned.

Via Pro Football Talk:

“I was watching him throw the football — there were a few clips — and I was concerned in the weight transfer,” he said. “I didn’t see the clean mechanics I’ve seen in the past. I’m not there every day, I’m not a doctor, but he just looks a little different right now. It’s pregame, it was warmup, people can discount that. I’m just saying from my eye, I didn’t see the clean drops, the weight transfer, stay on that back foot, snap the hips, that I’d seen out of him.”

Presumably, the ‘Skins will put more of an onus on Griffin’s throwing from the pocket in year two. However, it’s important not to overanalyze preseason. It’s even more important not to put preseason warmups under too much of a microscope. That's akin to wondering whether Daniel Day Lewis has lost his commitment to method acting after watching a script reading for Lincoln.

I have no doubt that Griffin will rebound just fine. Griffin suffered a similar injury during his sophomore year at Baylor and returned the next season as a much improved passer.