“We Anticipate Every Game To Be Sold Out” | Colorado Sees Unprecedented Bump In Ticket Sales With Deion Sanders Hire

Deion Sanders raising season ticket sales at Colorado already
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Deion Sanders announcement as the new head coach at Colorado is already paying dividends. The school announced they’d seen a jump in ticket sales, merchandise, impressions and followers. For a once rabid fanbase looking for anything positive, the Coach Prime addition has given those in and around Boulder new hope and tons of optimism.

Coach Prime Effect Already Helping Colorado Football

The school announced the new “Prime Numbers” in a press release to the public on Thursday.

Senior associate athletic director over external operations Alexis Williams said:

“The last time we had this type of excitement was back when we won the national championship. This year we’re anticipating 6,000 new seasons tickets, so it shows you that excited and the jump.”

“We anticipate every game to be a sold out, and I think this will be the first time we’ve had a season where every single game is actually sold out. It’s a proud moment to be here for this and help plan and strategize how we will do this.”

This is what we call the “Coach Prime Effect.” It hit Jackson State hard, and it’s doing the same thing at Colorado.

Fanbase Has A New Boost Of Energy

Football is a game of aggression, toughness and high energy. That energy is usually jolted through the stadium via the fans. With Colorado being a listless program over the past 20 years or so, that hasn’t been the case, but that lack of enthusiasm totally changed the moment Deion Sanders was announced as head coach. 

School senior account executive Michael Miles says sales are “unlike anything he’s ever seen.”

“The fanbase has gotten a new shot of energy, so it’s really incredible to have this turnaround here with the new coach,” Miles told reporters. 

That energy was on full display as Deion and son Shedeur attended a Colorado basketball game on Thursday. The place went wild when they were announced and walked in to the arena like heroes returning from war. 

Looks and sounds like some very excited CU fans who haven’t had much to cheer about in years.

Coach Prime Has Told The Folks In Colorado: I’m Coming

During his introductory speech, Sanders reiterated that he was coming. When he said something of that nature while at Jackson State, the school and city benefited from a revenue standpoint. While Colorado isn’t as cash-deprived as Jackson State, that statement by Sanders shouldn’t be downplayed. Prime can’t do anything but help a team that’s gone 5-19 the past two seasons, including 1-11 this season. At the very least, his presence has already re-energized a fan base that hasn’t had much to cheer about since the mid-1990s and early 2000s.

Games in Boulder used to be a scene, from “Ralphie” the buffalo and team mascot running onto Folsom Field, to all-world players like Kordell Stewart, Michael Westbrook, Darian Hagan, Eric Bieniemy and the late, great Heisman Trophy winner Rahsaan Salaam making plays weekly.

Will Deion Win Right Away At Colorado? 

While winning probably won’t happen as quickly as it did at Jackson State, the Buffaloes faithful just want to see a competitive team trending in the right direction, for starters. That shouldn’t be too hard with the talent Coach Prime is bringing to JSU, plus the transfer portal being a huge cog in how coaches are building their programs these days.

Buckle up. This is just the beginning, and we’re here for it all.