WATCH: Why NFL Proposal To Increase Minority Hiring Is Great

The NFL is finally willing to admit that its owners' racially-exclusive hiring practices are irreperable without a manufactured push.

The NFL’s latest proposal — to incentivize minority head coach and general manager hires is basically an admittance that the owners are too stubborn to actually approach hiring practices with colorless shades on. Some won’t even respect the Rooney Rule‘s basic guidelines to interview a minority head-coaching candidate.  

The league is thinking about giving teams better draft positions and other incentives if they hire minorities.

Some people agree that desperate times call for desperate measures and with just three Black head coaches (Mike Tomlin, Anthony Lynn, Brian Flores) and two Black GM’s in a 32-team league with 75 percent Black players — NFL owners can’t be trusted to open-mindedly seek the most qualified candidates for these positions. 




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